¿Cómo podemos personalizar el vidrio?
¿Cómo podemos personalizar el vidrio?

Esta es una pregunta que surge a nuestros clientes al momento de quererse introducir en el área de la personalización. ¿Cómo podemos personalizar el vidrio?Por el momento en EMI, tenemos 3 opciones para realizar trabajos en vidrio que te podrían servir:1. Person...

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Errores al sublimar: Manchas, y falta de colores.
Errors when sublimating: Stains, and lack of colors.

In this week's topic we were sharing some errors that can occur when customizing different items. Let's analyze them a little in depth. Why are there marked edges on the fabric? This occurs in the sublimation of caps, as in the s...

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El eterno debate; Cricut vs Silhouette
The eternal debate; Cricut vs. Silhouette

We are always asked this question, which is better? Cricut or Silhouette? On this occasion we will make a comparison to the brands and the use of the equipment, at a general level. Since each model allows us to satisfy different needs, which can lead us to decide on...

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Ideas para desarrollar tu negocio; Resina Epoxica
Ideas to develop your business; Epoxy Resin

In this blog post we will talk about this material that can open a lot of doors for you to develop products in your business, epoxy resin. But what is resin? It is a thermosetting plastic, which transforms from a liquid to a solid state when a hardener is applied. It is ma...

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¡Recuerda, cual es tu rol!
Remember, what is your role!

This is very important that we keep in mind when we have our business, sometimes we do not forget to be a leader and we become a boss , or we stop being a boss to become a todologo , wanting to do all the f...

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¿Cual es la Marca de plotter que necesito?
What is the brand of plotter that I need?

When we move to this new stage of our business, where we want to acquire a cutting plotter, the question arises: What is the best option for me? , but if you are already sure of which one you need, now you ask yourself: What brand should I buy? Here we will ...

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Organiza tu tiempo
organize your time

This is one of the most important parts when starting your business and although we have talked about some ways to organize ourselves, we are going to give more specific advice that we have applied and that have given us results, allowing us to be more efficient and impr...

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Otros papeles para empezar a trabajar
Other papers to start working

As we have already been commenting on our social networks, there is a wide variety of alternative papers to start working on product customization, that is, if you already have an investment in an inkjet or laser printer, you can continue using it to do other jobs. ...

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Transformando mi hobbie en negocio
Turning my hobby into business

These last weeks we have been talking about how to manage your business, keep it evolving, identify leaks, but now it is important that we talk from another perspective. What if my business started as a hobby? How can I take it to the next level? What I need? What I'm I ...

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¿Qué otro equipo necesito para trabajar la personalización?
What other equipment do I need to work on customization?

Continuing the theme of the previous week, we will now share with you what is the next piece of equipment that you should acquire to start or improve your personalization business. It is your cutting plotter, but in this regard, which is the most convenient? Should I...

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