Errors when sublimating: Stains, and lack of colors.

Errores al sublimar: Manchas, y falta de colores.

In this week's topic we were sharing some errors that can occur when customizing different items. Let's analyze them a little in depth.

  • Why are there marked edges on the fabric?

This occurs in the sublimation of caps, as in the sublimation of shirts, in some cases when we finish the process we can notice some marked edges. What is this about? 1st. option excess pressure in the resistance, this can happen when the edges of our resistance are marked because the pressure is very high, therefore we must reduce it. 2nd option the paper, in this case we do not have many options since it is the paper that marks us, one option could be to tear the edges to avoid excessive marking or reduce the pressure a little to avoid marking.

  • Why are there white areas?

This normally happens to us in our caps and tshirts, this is because sometimes the tshirt or the cap are "wrinkled" in certain areas, which does not allow complete sublimation to be done properly, the recommendation is that you notice that they are well stretched

  • Why don't the colors fit me?

This is due to the color configuration, to obtain the appropriate result we must make tests with the color profiles of our printer. Similarly to the images we choose, an image with a lot of light can result in a reddish tone, but an image with low lighting can result in dark colors. Because what we see on the screen are not the ones that are transferred to paper.

  • Why do colors pass from one face to another?

Remember that they are fabrics that absorb sublimation ink, to avoid this you must place Teflon, silicone paper or a bond sheet in the middle.

We hope that these tips will be helpful when it comes to customizing your textiles, if you have any other doubts or questions, leave them in the comments.

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Desde 2017