Remember, what is your role!

¡Recuerda, cual es tu rol!

This is very important that we keep in mind when we have our business, sometimes we do not forget to be a leader and we become a boss , or we stop being a boss to become a todologo , wanting to do all the functions, that's why we dedicate you this entry.

First, let's clarify the concepts of each of the roles you must take in your business:

  • Leader : is the one in charge of directing a team of people oriented towards a goal.
  • Boss: is an authoritarian person who imposes orders on one or more people.

Having these concepts clear, it is important then that we know what our role is , if you have a business (and not part-time), it is because you already have a certain structure and a team of people (this can even refer to a person who is in charge of cleaning you the space, so start to see the business on a different scale) that are helping you to carry out day-to-day activities; If so, you have been delegating their tasks to this team.

So why do we ask you to remember your role?

Because if you already have people in charge of carrying out different functions , and jobs in your company, it is important that when you are carrying out a project , and it is not giving the results you expect or your team does not perform at the level you expect, do not go to leave your position and start doing all the work. You must understand that:

  • People will not do the job the same as you.
  • You must trust their ability to perform the task.
  • You have to have clear objectives, to know where we are working towards.

Therefore, you must Remember your role! Know how to lead your team and focus on the task to be carried out . Do not seek to do tasks that will reduce your time and will not allow you to fulfill the focus you have on your company.

Emi Group RD

Desde 2017