Nueva área para mi negocio, Impresión 3D
New area for my business, 3D printing

This technique allows us to create personalized pieces from the printing of 3D designs created by computer, it is quite common for the creation of molds, and prototypes in university works. But what are the technologies? What is the most recommended to start? Read more

El eterno debate; Cricut vs Silhouette
The eternal debate; Cricut vs. Silhouette

We are always asked this question, which is better? Cricut or Silhouette? On this occasion we will make a comparison to the brands and the use of the equipment, at a general level. Since each model allows us to satisfy different needs, which can lead us to decide on...

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Otras formas de personalizar camisetas no sublimables, Polimación
Other ways to customize non-sublimation t-shirts, Polymation

Previously we had discussed this topic, but now we will show you some papers that could be used to carry out this customization process on non-sublimation shirts. We refer to polymation , this process consists of customizing t-shirts using paper tha...

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¿Cómo podriamos manejarnos en esas situaciones que desconocemos?
How could we handle ourselves in those situations that we do not know?

In this post we will share some tips that we apply as a team, when we face situations that shake us up. But that they are necessary in our lives because this is the way in which we can grow and grow our business, When we find ourselves in situations that Read more

¡Plantillas para tus proyectos! Pt. 3
Templates for your projects! pt 3

Hello!, Here we leave you the templates that you can use to decorate your products and crafts, we hope that they will help you to keep developing your projects. We leave you some of the websites where we stock fonts, icons and vectors: Fonts: Read more

Busca nuevas ideas de negocio
Look for new business ideas

With this topic we do not mean simply to think of a new product that you can add, but that you begin to see your business as an investment and you go to the next level. This topic is for us to think like entrepreneurs and not just business owners. ...

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¡Recuerda, cual es tu rol!
Remember, what is your role!

This is very important that we keep in mind when we have our business, sometimes we do not forget to be a leader and we become a boss , or we stop being a boss to become a todologo , wanting to do all the f...

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¿Cómo llevar el inventario de mi negocio?
How to carry the inventory of my business?

If tomorrow the EMI team or an investor came to your business and said "Hand me the inventory control", Can you do it? Don't worry... we've all been at that stage in our business where we believe, "have written down in the head", when the truth is that we are not in contro...

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¿Qué máquina láser se adapta a mi necesidad?
Which laser machine suits my needs?

This is a question that comes up to all of us when we want to expand our personalization business, but sometimes we don't know how to choose, or we look for a "small but powerful" model. In today's topic we will deal a little about how laser machines work, some requirements...

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¿Cual es la Marca de plotter que necesito?
What is the brand of plotter that I need?

When we move to this new stage of our business, where we want to acquire a cutting plotter, the question arises: What is the best option for me? , but if you are already sure of which one you need, now you ask yourself: What brand should I buy? Here we will ...

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