How to carry the inventory of my business?

¿Cómo llevar el inventario de mi negocio?

If tomorrow the EMI team or an investor came to your business and said "Hand me the inventory control", Can you do it? Don't worry... we've all been at that stage in our business where we believe, "have written down in the head", when the truth is that we are not in control.

Here we will be sharing some things that helped us to take control of our business and we hope that they can help you.

Define a space and storage system , by this we mean that when starting a business we take "the utility room and whatever fits", but if you decide to take the utility room, define the space where you are going to place your materials, and a form of organization, is it going to be organized by type of material? By frequency of use? By defining this, you will have the products you most need at hand.

Create a replicable storage system , by this we mean that if you hire a new employee tomorrow, he will be able to understand and identify each product you have stored.

Digital control system , we must apply a digital tool that allows us to keep track of our products, and that can be easily updated. This allows us to keep a better control and avoid "lost control".

Do an inventory check, you can choose a specific day where you do a check between the inventory you carry in the system and your real inventory, so you can check if you used an extra product or know when something is missing.

One of the main reasons to keep control over your inventory is so that you can optimize your logistics and organize your business. The more organized your business is, the more independent your business will be, so it can grow. An excellent book on the subject that can help you and give you ideas to do this: The Myth of the Entrepreneur by Michael Gerber.

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