Which laser machine suits my needs?

¿Qué máquina láser se adapta a mi necesidad?

This is a question that comes up to all of us when we want to expand our personalization business, but sometimes we don't know how to choose, or we look for a "small but powerful" model. In today's topic we will deal a little about how laser machines work, some requirements that we must take into account to know what we will obtain from them.

The first thing we should know is the technology of our machine, we have the Fiber Laser technology and CO2 Laser , the difference between one model and another are the capacities that we can achieve for the jobs and the type of operation.

Fiber Laser : what fiber laser technology does is that it manufactures its "own" laser through the use of its own energy, normally it is used to make simple engravings, on wood, cardboard, plastic, etc. Depending on the capacity, this type of machine can work with a higher volume, but normally the ones we see on ebay have this technology and are for simple markings .

CO2 laser : In this case, the equipment has a combination of gases that allow the "ray" to be created to carry out the engraving, this is the technology that we see in large-format equipment.

The next thing that we must be clear about is the power of our machine, this will vary according to the technology, for example, a CO2 laser has a power of 40 to 400 watts , while a Fiber Laser can arrive from 10 to 20 watt . This level of power will let us know that we can cut or record.

Here are some parameters for materials that we commonly use in customization:


  • Cut: 50-60 watts
  • Engraving: 20-50 watts
  • Cut: 30-40 watts
  • Engraving: 35-40 watts


  • Cut: 10-20 watts
  • Engraving: 15-20 watts


  • Cut: 20-30 watt
  • Engraving: 30-40 watt

In summary, if you are looking for an economical engraving laser you should look for a Fiber Laser with a power between 10-30 watts, if you are looking for a model for larger format jobs, focus on a CO2 Laser with a power between 40-100 watts. Apart from the technology data, we recommend that you investigate the requirements of your equipment, such as cooling, the adequacy of the workspace so that it is not toxic or harmful to the people who use it.

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