Look for new business ideas

Busca nuevas ideas de negocio

With this topic we do not mean simply to think of a new product that you can add, but that you begin to see your business as an investment and you go to the next level. This topic is for us to think like entrepreneurs and not just business owners.

What do we mean by new business ideas?

If you read the previous blog where we referred to your role in the company , here we talk about leadership and delegating functions, this time we refer to when you already know what your role is in the company, and the company already has a structure , you must think of new business ideas . We refer to new businesses or complements to the current one, which allow you to expand your investment portfolio and develop a new business.

But how does this work?

Imagine that you have a local flower shop , it is in a community, everyone knows you and your business allows you to have a good economic level, this is the moment for you to think of a new source of income that complements your current situation, let's call it layer . In that way? Well, analyze your product, the form of distribution and think about how you could improve it, it is the most basic way of creating layers.

Right now your florist is managed with people who go directly to the store to buy, but you have started to have requests from people for the delivery of their orders. So you think, how could I do it differently, you could just put your flowers in packages generic, and help you from a delivery company to make deliveries, here you can make deliveries , reach a new audience and maintain a good price, you have already created a new layer.

But if in this new model, you begin to receive demand for the purchase of flowers, but they demand a better presentation , to be able to personalize the package with different reasons, that the flowers can be preserved more and better delivery time, then here you go and create a packaging line, improve the way flowers are preserved, and develop a delivery method that allows you to go further. You just added a new layer .

The idea of ​​the layers is to develop businesses that can increase your sources of income and where you can invest the capital of your business.

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