Ideas para desarrollar tu negocio; Resina Epoxica
Ideas to develop your business; Epoxy Resin

In this blog post we will talk about this material that can open a lot of doors for you to develop products in your business, epoxy resin. But what is resin? It is a thermosetting plastic, which transforms from a liquid to a solid state when a hardener is applied. It is ma...

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¿Cual es la Marca de plotter que necesito?
What is the brand of plotter that I need?

When we move to this new stage of our business, where we want to acquire a cutting plotter, the question arises: What is the best option for me? , but if you are already sure of which one you need, now you ask yourself: What brand should I buy? Here we will ...

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Transformando mi hobbie en negocio
Turning my hobby into business

These last weeks we have been talking about how to manage your business, keep it evolving, identify leaks, but now it is important that we talk from another perspective. What if my business started as a hobby? How can I take it to the next level? What I need? What I'm I ...

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Errores comunes al sublimar
Common mistakes when sublimating

This topic is one of the most important when talking about sublimation and we refer to the most common errors that can occur when sublimating. Here we will share some experiences that we have had with the different accessories, as well as what we have learned. We wi...

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Análisis de las distintas opciones para trabajar el algodón
Analysis of the different options to work cotton

In this post we will analyze the techniques to work with cotton that we were trying during the week in our networks, and here in the blog that we discussed previously, at the end we will leave you the list of links so that you can decide which one to read. Among the...

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Troqueles para tus cajas personalizadas
Die-cuts for your personalized boxes

To conclude the theme of the week, we will tell you what you need to make your cardboard boxes interesting and innovative. As cardboard is such a manageable material, the only thing we need is to handle the templates.

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Iniciando mi negocio de tarjetas
Starting my card business

This week's theme was chosen by a member of the community, where he asked us what would be the most ideal models for printing cards and invitations, we mean printers. We will try to be as clear as possible about the advantages and disadvantages of each model and which on...

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Ampliando tu negocio, personalización de vehículos
Expanding your business, vehicle customization

Continuing with the topic of the week, we already gave you an introduction to the different ways to customize a vehicle, and how they are done. In this post, we will discuss in detail what equipment you need, and how you can execute your business idea. You have alr...

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Ampliando tu negocio, Serigrafía
Expanding your business, Serigraphy

This week we have a topic that will allow you to expand your business, it is another aspect for product customization, screen printing . Although most of us have been scared since we heard that word, when the truth is a fairly simple process...

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Creando recuerdos involvidables, ScrapBooking
Creating unforgettable memories, ScrapBooking

By the way, in our networks we started talking about the We R Memory Keepers Cinch brand binding machine, which is quite versatile, since although it is a small team, it has a large capacity, which allows you to make agendas , as we discussed in...

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