Analysis of the different options to work cotton

Análisis de las distintas opciones para trabajar el algodón

In this post we will analyze the techniques to work with cotton that we were trying during the week in our networks, and here in the blog that we discussed previously, at the end we will leave you the list of links so that you can decide which one to read.

Among the processes that were worked on this week we have:

  • Subliflex : the subliflex is a sheet similar to the transfer, which is placed on the fabric, it adheres, the difference in this process is that the ink is not exposed as in the transfer and it has greater durability.
  • Polyamide : polyamide is a polymer powder , that is, when it comes into contact with heat it melts on the fabric, creating a layer of polyester and allowing the ink to adhere. This material can be applied in other processes due to its adherence capacity.
  • Sublimation Coating or Poly-Tex : Like the previous one, it is a liquid polymer and what it does is that it creates a layer of polyester on the fabric, so that it can then receive the ink.
  • Transfer Paper: It is a paper that has plastic properties and when it comes into contact with heat it adheres to the surface of the cotton.

Of the 3 processes, which do we recommend:

Personally, the one we liked the most was polyamide , because it seemed quite innovative and simpler than the rest, compared to its durability, we must bear in mind that each process has its advantages. If you want a faster and cheaper process, then your option should be the transfer, if you are looking for a striking finish , then the subliflex, if you want to cover large surfaces, the sublicotton spray .

Here we leave you the links to each topic, just do not hesitate to go through our social networks, where we show you the process step by step, and the results obtained.


Subcotton Spray

Transfer Paper:


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