I already have capital! And now what?

I already have the capital, what should I take into account to acquire a product?
¡Ya tengo capital!¿Y ahora qué?

Done, we have already achieved the base, we are clear about what our idea is, we have the equipment , we have capital for investment, now what do I do? Well, now we are going to decide which are the best work machines for you, as we commented in the previous post, we hope you have your budget ready and that you will have in each area to be able to choose the equipment for you.

Factors that will influence this decision:

  • Product quality , what results this equipment can offer you in relation to others and how this affects your work.
  • Equipment Management , the equipment requires trained personnel, which could represent an extra investment.
  • Versatility , what jobs could you do with this equipment, could you cut and engrave with the same equipment without losing quality?
  • Budget , the equipment that is within your price range to be able to carry out the project, although of course, you can always open this part and go to negotiate with the seller and see what offers he may have for you.
  • Business Orientation , Right now I need that equipment, but in 4 months I will need to upgrade to a higher capacity equipment because we hope to have double the sales volume.
  • Maintenance , how can I always keep my equipment in optimal conditions and if the spare parts are available in the country.

These are the ones we mentioned but there may be many more, so you should be careful with these, but as we always repeat in our posts, none of this should be an excuse not to execute the process and purchase the product. In our social networks last week we used a dynamic where you were asking questions, because we believe that the right questions are the ones that can lead us to the appropriate results. If you already have in mind which product to buy but you still haven't decided, use the " 5 whys ", this dynamic allows you to get to the bottom of the situation. Let's do an example:

Why should I choose this model over the other?

-Because this one has a larger processor, which would be more appropriate for carrying out graphic work.

Why should I buy this Laptop?

-Because it allows me to do the work.

Why should I do this job?

-Because it allows me to stand out in the market.

And so the exercise continues until you reach the most minimal reason or conclusion that could be enough to lead you to make the decision and approach that new area or aspect. As always, we close this entry with our advice : never stop moving, even if you feel stuck, look for information and answers, do not ignore the problem because this will not create the solution.

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