Clever! I have the idea, now what do I do?

I already have my idea! What should I do? Practical steps to follow after having your idea.
¡Listo! tengo la idea, ¿Ahora qué hago?

Ready, you've already decided on the idea of ​​your business, you're already taking your first steps, you've already made the decision to launch yourself, now... What's next? Well, nothing, you've already done everything you had to do. FINISH. Very well, we are past the stage of jokes, let's continue, after you made your decision and decided to carry out this project, what you must do is prepare for the execution, as in the previous case we are going to divide it by steps .

  • Research

In this step what we are referring to is that you should soak up as much information as possible regarding your business idea , about how business is managed and regarding your product or service, but do not stop your process because you feel that you still lack information, because you must remember that you will learn many things along the way, as your idea evolves. After you have nourished yourself with information, we move on to:

  • Execution

Now we proceed to develop our project, in this step we are already moving , we are creating the business plan , which teams will be necessary to carry out our projects, who will be our partners and allies. Here we begin to contact and approach our first prospects and we can evaluate what the market response to our product will be.

  • Investment

This step may be the favorite of some and terrifies others, but it is one of the most important and necessary in a business, putting money, or in technical terms, injecting capital to run the company . This step has two faces, this is the first in which you begin to see the first bricks in the construction of your company, because you begin to acquire your machines, you begin to have inventories, the assets of the company, to create the personnel, but also in this part you acquire the capital, which could have been your own or through financial obligations with banks or other financial institutions. But as we already mentioned, it is one of the most important steps, because here the idea becomes reality. Now here comes the question:

What should we invest in? Well, in assets , these are the furniture, the work team, your members. Now for the investment in equipment we must consider: our budget , how much we have available for this area, because this will say the priority level of the equipment, our method of acquisition, among others.

Soon we will go into detail about which assets we recommend you invest in, of course, in the case of personalization and sublimation.

What advice do we give you in this part? Well, as we discussed in the previous post, the ideas do not have to be complete, you should not know the end of your project, but the beginning is enough to carry out the project. Then we always recommend that you move on to execution, because it is useless for you to know all the details of your business and not start developing it. "Remember, you don't learn to swim by looking at the pool, but by jumping into it."

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