acrylic keychain acrylic keychain
acrylic keychain RD$ 55.00
Customizable keychain with vinyl Size: 2.5"/3"/4" thickness: 2mm/3mm Transparent color Material: Acrylic Each keychain comes with its ring
Keychain Chain Keychain Chain
Keychain Chain from RD$ 80.00
These keychains come with the latest hip grabber separately, allowing you to attach to the place you want. Excellent for acrylic keychains and resin keychains Package: 10 metal chains with connector
mother of pearl piece
mother of pearl piece RD$ 45.00
keyring charm Material: Nacre Size: Assorted Shape: shell, feather and circle.
Golden Charms
Golden Charms RD$ 13.00
Gold charms to complement your keyrings Size: Various Golden colour
Silver Charms
Silver Charms RD$ 32.00
Silver charms for your keyrings Size: Assorted Silver color
MDF charms
MDF charms RD$ 43.00
MDF charms Shapes: Ship's rudder, Anchor, Ship. Colors: Red, Blue, White, Navy Blue When ordering, leave a message specifying the details.

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