Vinyl Transfer Tape 12
Vinyl Transfer Tape 12" RD$ 160.00
12" vinyl transfer tape Size: 12" x 1 yard rolls Brand: Vinilease Adhesive Strength: Medium Ideas for balloons and delicate materials Type: Opaque Compatible: with Oracal 651, 631, Vinyl Ease, Cricut vinyl and more
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Vinyl Transfer Tape Sheets
Vinyl Transfer Tape Sheets RD$ 55.00
One 12"x12" transfer sheet It has a grid to measure the size of your design. Cut a piece of transfer tape the same size as the cut image Apply pressure to the image using a scraper or credit card. Press the vinyl image onto a clean surface, working from the center out, smoothing and applying pressure as you go. Cut with all circuit machines. Light printed grid will help align your project precisely
Silhouette Cameo Mat Silhouette Cameo Mat
Silhouette Cameo Mat from RD$ 1,050.00
Silhouette Cutting Template, available in sizes 12"x12" and 12"x24" The Cameo Cutting Mat is designed for use with the Silhouette Cameo to hold materials in place when submitting jobs to the Silhouette machine. The mat has a regular level of adhesive to hold most types of cardstock and general materials in place. This mat replaces the regular cutting mat that is initially included with the cameo machine.
Mat Glue, Zig Adhesive Marker
Mat Glue, Zig Adhesive Marker RD$ 650.00
Zig Adhesive Marker This glue can be used in two ways: When it is blue and wet , to stick permanently. Let it dry for a few minutes to temporarily glue. This glue contains a jumbo tip. Xylene free water based glue. Tip size 1mm line wide ball point.
Transfer for textile vinyl Transfer for textile vinyl
Transfer for textile vinyl from RD$ 110.00
Transfer for textile vinyl Sizes: 24"x12"/ 24"x1 yard Clear finish Support: White Pet Application to transfer images printed on printable textile vinyl. Printing is not recommended.
Tool set Tool set
Tool set from RD$ 690.00
Craft tool set, this tool set is ideal for delicate work that requires great precision. It includes: Basic tool set: 1 craft scalpel 10 replacement blades 1 hook or spike 2 tweezers 1 plastic scraper 1 scissors a storage box. Advanced Toolkit: 2 tweezers a triangle slice 2 spatulas a tracing pen 3 pieces of weed hook stainless steel scissors a punch 3 piece scraper. 4 PCS Jersey Lineup Rules 10 blades a carving knife a cutting board
24 24
24" adhesive vinyl from RD$ 240.00
ORACAL 651 adhesive vinyl is the industry standard for its high performance, ideal for both interior and exterior permanent jobs. It has a resistance of 1 to 5 years. It has a glossy finish. Highly resistant to scratches, scratches and water. This material has a width of 24", ideal for plotters and large equipment. *Price per yard
Silhouette Cameo 4 Self-Adjusting Blade
Silhouette Cameo 4 Self-Adjusting Blade RD$ 1,350.00
Auto Adjust Blade for the Silhouette Cameo 4 The new AutoBlade for Cameo 4 has an adjustment method that reduces adjustment time by almost 90% on most adjustments, features automatic recognition and uses the program's default settings. Includes: Pack of 1 automatic blade.
Silhouette Self-Adjusting Blade
Silhouette Self-Adjusting Blade RD$ 1,150.00
Let your machine do the work! Silhouette, your machine will automatically adjust your AutoBlade to the blade settings you chose in the software. Pack of 1 automatic blade for Silhouette Cameo 3 10 depth levels, up to 2 mm This will only work with Cameo 3/Portrait 2
Silhouette Deep Cut Blade
Silhouette Deep Cut Blade RD$ 1,800.00
Cameo Deep Cut Blade Allows you to cut thicker materials than a normal blade. Features a super fine powder composite tungsten alloy for durability. Characteristic: 2 mm long blade.
Intermediate Tool Set
Intermediate Tool Set RD$ 950.00
Craft tool set, this tool set is ideal for delicate work that requires great precision. It includes: Tool set includes: 2 tweezers. 3 hooks for brushcutter. 3 scrapers. 1 stainless steel scissors. 1 tracing pen 1 spatula. 1 carving knife 1 blade. 1 ruler. 1 punch. 4 Shirt Alignment Rules 1 black zipper bag
Silhouette Tool Set
Silhouette Tool Set RD$ 1,250.00
Cricut/Silhouette Tool Set Excellent for working vinyl, after cutting it: Silhouette Toolkit includes: Hook ScraperE Spatula Pickmeup Rule Microfiber cloth)
Individual Silhouette Tools Individual Silhouette Tools
Individual Silhouette Tools from RD$ 350.00
Do you already have your set? Here we have the Silhouette brand tools, so you can decide which one is the most urgent. Silhouette Scraper Silhouette Spatula silhouette hook
kraft blade
kraft blade RD$ 1,300.00
Kraft blade for Silhouette Cameo 3 and Portrait 2, requires special adapter for Cameo 4. This new blade allows you to cut craft materials such as acetate, foam, and leather. Blade material: Stainless steel, with manual adjustment, cutting range up to 2mm .
Silhouette Marker Adapter Silhouette Marker Adapter
Silhouette Marker Adapter RD$ 850.00
Replace your Silhouette's blade with a pen to draw instead of cut. The Silhouette Pen Adapter can be used on all Silhouette electronic cutting tools and will hold most pens. The silhouette pen adapter allows the use of a variety of drawing instruments from a thinner standard pen to select thicker felt tip markers. Sketch and cut design Compatible with any standard ballpoint size Comes with 3 adapters to fit your pen without slipping

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