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Tags personalizables

This week's topic is one that we've been told a lot about and it's about customizable tags, it's an incredible idea to offer in your product catalog, and they have a wide variety of uses, which widens their range of seasons.

  • What does it consist of?
These tags are "labels" made of different materials, in which you can place names, identifications, etc. Due to its versatility of materials and sizes, you can use it from a backpack identifier to key rings.
  • In what materials is it available?

You have the option to work it in:

  • Acrylic
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Polymer coated MDF
  • Printed paper
  • How can I work it?

The way to work it depends on the material:

  • If it is made of wood, metal or plastic you have to:

Engrave it, either laser or manually.

Image result for wood engraving

Wood Customization with a Router

Image result for laser wood engraving

Wood customization with a laser

Image result for wood engraving wood tool

Wood customization with a Wood tool, Wood Tool is a tool that has a tip that heats and allows you to engrave on wood.

  • If it is in acrylic , you have to:

Print it, with special UV printers for this material:

Image result for card printing

Use the adhesive vinyl, engrave it by laser or with an engraving blade or by sublimation.

Image result for tags in acrylic

adhesive vinyl

Image result for tags in acrylic

Engraving, it seems to have been made with a laser machine

Image result for sublimating acrylic cards

Sublimated acrylic keychains, could be used as tags

Recommendations : In the sublimation process, it depends on the material, in some cases it is recommended 160°C for 120 seconds , then let cool and sublimate the other side. But it depends on the material, if they are MDF, we recommend 180°C for 50 seconds . Always remember to take pressure into account.

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