UV printing for 3D objects

Impresión UV para objetos 3D

Previously we had talked about UV printing, how can I expand my UV printing customization catalog? . But this time we are going to refer to UV printing made on 3D objects, although the concept is similar.

To refresh your memory a bit, the UV process consists of printing on materials by placing small "drops" of ink on the material and proceeding to dry them automatically with a UV head.

Starting from this, there are different types of equipment for UV printing, we are flatbed or hybrid , desktop UV printers and finally, UV printers and cutters.

The Flat or Hybrid Beds allow us to print on rigid materials that have reliefs, such as glass, wood, plastics, etc. One type of print could be USB sticks.

Desktop UVs are smaller models that allow us to make this type of print on smaller products, working in an A4 or A3 format.

The printing and cutting UV , as its name indicates, allow us to carry out both jobs, these are mainly focused on working with flexible materials, ideal for creating packaging, and as they have this technology, we can work from cardboard to acrylic sheets.

This is one of the most innovative processes when it comes to personalizing articles and it opens up a wide variety of opportunities when it comes to doing work.

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