DTF (Direct To Fabric) Printing

Impresion DTF(Direct To Fabric)

In this week's blog entry we will talk about this technique that we have been sharing, the process of DTF printing either Direct to the Cloth . Earlier we talked about the  DTG , but this technique has its variations.

What is DTF(Direct To Fabric)?

This technique consists of printing designs or images made directly on the fabric. How does it work ? the concept is the same as home printers, it is a printer that proceeds to sprinkle small drops from ink on fabric , while it has a heat fan going drying the ink on the canvas . This fabric requires a pre-treatment to preserve the ink, and to give it greater durability.

What happens after the printing process?

We must proceed to sew and assemble our piece, since this team encourages full rolls of fabrics.

Is this process better than the DTG?

As always explained, there are no "best" processes, but each one has its main characteristics. For example:

DTG is applied on finished textile parts , using natural fiber parts, polyester and synthetic fabrics are not recommended and require pre-treatment.

DTF can be used on any type of fabric , but must be treated to preserve the print.

Complex images can be printed in both processes, but DTG requires the application of colored background , increasing the cost compared DTF .

DTF lets work whole parts , while DTG focuses on specific areas.

Then, Can DTF remove sublimation? No, because the DTF process, although it allows us to work in large formats, has differences with respect to sublimation.

  • DTF cannot be applied on rigid objects , nor with as many options as sublimation.
  • DTF does not offer us a level of completion of the designs images such as sublimation
  • The Sublimation it is another process durable .
  • The sublimation requires a very low initial investment compared to the DTF.

We hope that these clarifications have managed to get you out of doubt, and that you can be clearer about the textile printing processes that exist, and which is the most convenient for you.

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Desde 2017