What are the types of plotters?

¿Cuáles son los tipos de plotters?

In today's post we will complement the theme of the week on the types of plotters, previously we had talked about them in our networks, but here we are going to complement the information.

The plotters according to their technology are classified into:

  • Pen plotters , these teams are among the first models that appeared and are responsible for making us a drawing. Let's explain a little, the plotter has a head but in this area instead of placing ink or having the cartridges, we place markers, markers, pens, etc, which are used according to the configuration that we give in our software to create the plot. design.
  • Inkjet plotter , this could be considered an ink printer (known as inkjet) but in large format, they are widely used in printing scale plans and designs.
  • Cutting plotter , these we already know are the plotters that we have mentioned that instead of making a print, they are in charge of cutting the outline of our designs. In some cases they have accessories that allow us to draw on it.
  • Laser or electrostatic plotters, these are the printing plotters that combine technologies to offer better printing or greater durability. They present a wide variety of technologies (you can go through our other entries to learn more about them, https://emigrouprd.com/blogs/desarrollo-de-tu-business/impresion-con-tinta-latex ).

Another way to classify the plotters is by their size, here we mention a list by their size and measurement, but more variants may be presented depending on the type of technology.

  • 14" plotter/ A3 size
  • 24"/A2 size plotter
  • 34"/A1 size plotter
  • 46"/ A0 size plotter

We hope that this introduction to plotters has clarified some doubts and that you can now decide which one you need for your business.

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