How to sublimate on different materials?

¿Cómo sublimar sobre distintos materiales?

Previously you had treated the sublicotton spray, this material that allows us to work the cotton using our sublimation sheet, at the end we will leave you the link in case you are interested. But what if what I am looking for is to sublimate wood? Cardboard? Cork? What should I do?

In this case you must also apply the sublicotton spray, or also known as "polynatural" or "sublimation varnish", what this product does is that it creates a sublimable layer on the material, in this case wood or another material. Depending on the brand, this layer will be thicker, which will allow us to achieve better results.

How is the proccess?

It is quite similar to that of sublicotton spray; but in this case the support does not require so much ironing.

1. Spray the material with the varnish or sublicotton spray in the area you want to work on.

2. Let the material dry in the open air, depending on the amount of spray it will take a few minutes.

3. Prepare the material together with the design to sublimate.

4. Place it on the iron at a temperature of 190°C for 50 seconds, with low pressure.

5. Sublimate and enjoy the result.

Some recommendations:

Remember that the thicker you create the base layer the better the material will receive the sublimation.

When applying it, try to distribute the layer as best as possible, to obtain a uniform result.

We have tested on wood, cardboard, cork, paper. But there are many more as we test and discover new materials we will be updating our list.

Here we leave you the link of the spray sublicotton for cotton:

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