How to start a business?

How can I start a business?
¿Cómo iniciar un negocio?

Like any company, our main mission is to help, and the main question we ask ourselves every day is:

How can we help our clients? And we understand that the best way to do this is to get involved in each of the parts of the company's development. That is why we will dedicate a space on the blog to talk about this topic, and how the company is evolving.

But as every process or undertaking that is carried out has a beginning and an end, we will begin by talking about the beginning: So our first question would be:

How to start the company or how to start a project? We understand that there are two main factors to be able to take action, and these are: Make the decision and Have an idea .

To make the decision , we must go through a completely personal process, through which we decide which path we want to take, how we want this process to be, and how it should affect our lives. For this part we understand that the emotional level and the rational level must be involved.

After we make the decision, the idea follows us, for the idea we must enter those we already know. We must investigate the areas that are of our interest, or the situations where we observe some problems that we want to solve. After we came up with that solution we began to investigate, in this current era we have the information at hand, so we can help ourselves with that part to shape our idea and have an idea of ​​how we can make it work.

These first two steps are the most basic for the start of a project, we recommend that you carry them out as soon as possible, always remembering that there will never be the perfect moment or occasion, the actions and decisions must be taken NOW!

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