UV-Blue textile vinyl

RD$ 760.00

UV-Blue textile vinyl

RD$ 760.00
Product description

Give custom clothing a creative twist with this magical color-changing HTV! UV Shift, appear white until activated by sunlight or ultraviolet light .

This fun, color-changing material makes it easy to get creative with unique designs and placements.

Light sensitive: color is activated by sunlight/UV
Available in blue
Matte finish and soft touch.
Very easy to weed
Rapid heat application and hot peeling.
Ideal for t-shirts, hoodies, fashion and children's clothing

material specifications
Composition: Polyurethane (PU)
Carrier: transparent, pressure sensitive
Thickness: 110 microns (0.15mm)
Number of Washes: 50
Security: CPSIA Certification
Compatible with laser cutter
Measurement: 12"

Time: 10-12 seconds
Temperature: 302°F/150°C
Pressure: Medium (45 psi)
Peel: Hot

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