Reflective Textile Vinyl

RD$ 925.00

Reflective Textile Vinyl

RD$ 925.00
Product description

Reflective textile vinyl

Excellent for use as an accent on sports uniforms and accessories, this reflective vinyl makes designs stand out.

Use it for added visibility on backpacks, jackets, fashion apparel, and more.
Available only in silver
Easy to cut and peel

Low temperature application for synthetic materials
Multi-layer applications are not recommended.
Compatible with our Stahls' Rip-Away Appliqué™ process

Carrier: transparent, pressure sensitive
Weight: 142 microns (0.142mm)
20 inch width
Security: CPSIA certification
Compatible with laser cutters

Time: 10-12 seconds
Temperature: 290°F/143°C - 302°F/150°C
Stir Hot

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