Enamel Mug

RD$ 325.00

Enamel Mug

RD$ 325.00
Product description
12-oz./360 mL Enamel Mug
Material: Enamel and stainless steel
Size: 8x8.6cm
Dimension: 375*345*375mm
Referential printing parameters: 160°C - 180°C for 180 seconds.

Recommendations for care and use
If you want to heat liquid with the cup, pour out the liquid first and do not heat the empty cup.
Do not burn or heat a new unused mug, otherwise the liner will be damaged.
Do not put the mug into cold water immediately after heating, otherwise the liner may crack.
Clean the mug after washing to prevent the edge of the mug from rusting.
Do not hit the cup, otherwise the liner may fall off.
Do not put the cup in the microwave oven.

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