28" Cutting Plotter with Optical Pickup

RD$ 45,000.00

28" Cutting Plotter with Optical Pickup

RD$ 45,000.00
Product description

28" cutting plotter with optical reader

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This professional 28" vinyl cutter with stand and optical drive comes with easy-to-use SIGNMASTER design software that allows you to cut custom and professional designs/signs. It also lets you use their fonts, import custom artwork and draw your own shapes.Includes:

  • Illuminated LCD screen and large buttons on the control panel.
  • Adjustable speed and force available at the touch of a button.
  • Digital readout allows for precise settings.
  • It has an optical reader and laser pointer, ideal for cutting the contour of printed images.


  • Max Paper Feed Width: 28.3"
  • Maximum cutting width: 24.8"
  • Cutting Accuracy: ±0.0004" (0.01mm)
  • Cutting pressure: 10-500g
  • Cutting Speed: 0.4"-31.5"/s (10-800mm/s)
  • Memory: 128K-2M
  • Gross Weight: 44.8lbs (20.3kg)
  • Gross Dimensions: 40.6"x13.4"x16.5" (103x34x42cm)

Suitable for advertising field, various signs, building structure drawing or line drawing, automobile decoration, glass field, handicraft, heat transfer supplementary, interior decoration, label making, automobile beauty industry, car design. fashion etc

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  • *Times range from 1-6 months to receive the equipment.
  • *After notification of the team's arrival, you have a period of 15-20 days to complete the payment. If not, you must wait for the order to be placed again

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