Do you want to know more about our products?
Do you want to know more about our products?
Transfer Paper 3G Jet Opaque

Transfer Paper 3G Jet Opaque

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Transfer sheets, this paper is excellent for different fabrics, depending on the color, we have available:

inkjet printers

  • Transfer Paper 3G JET OPAQUE (Black squares)

These sheets come in size 8.5"x11", if you want a larger format you should contact us.

Necessary equipment:

  • dark/light color transfer paper
  • All inkjet printers like Epson, HP, Brother, Canon and many more
  • Heat press machine or hand iron;
  • Black t-shirts, bags, pillowcases, aprons and all other dark colored cotton or nylon fabrics that can be ironed; protective paper; Cutwith scissors
  • Computer.

Printing instructions:

  1. Print the design on the paper with the correct orientation (front printing) of the panel.
  2. Print the image on the coated film (smooth side) of the paper.
  3. Check the printer settings, single sheet feed is recommended.
  4. Use the normal print settings when preparing to print. There is no need to oversaturate with ink.
  5. When you put the paper in the printer, make sure it is flat.
  6. After printing, let the paper dry.

How to use:

  1. Print the image on the coated film (smooth side) and cut out the shape. Feel the printed film, place it on the fabric, the image side should be facing up (front placement).
  2. Put a sheet of the protective paper on the printed film of the paper, set the time and temperature. 4.Transfer under certain pressure. Time: 25-30 seconds, Temperature: 329-365 ℉ (165°C-185°C), Pressure: Heavy.
  3. 5. Let the paper and cloth cool slightly, then remove the backing paper.

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