Embroidery Machine, Brother PE535

RD$ 42,995.00

Embroidery Machine, Brother PE535

RD$ 42,995.00
Product description
Embroidery Machine, Brother PE535
The PE535 is an embroidery machine and does not work like a traditional sewing machine.
Type of Operation: Electronic
Weight: 10.8 (pounds)
80 Built-in Designs – The PE535 has 80 built-in embroidery designs, including children's, holiday, floral and many more.
9 built-in fonts: 6 English and 3 Japanese letter fonts let you customize your creations
USB Port: The USB port allows you to upload and store your own embroidery designs to the built-in memory of your PE535
Large Color Touch Screen - A large 3.2" color LCD touch screen allows you to preview your designs before stitching
4" x 4" Embroidery Field - This Brother embroidery machine is built with a 4" x 4" embroidery field and includes a hoop
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