Do you want to know more about our products?
Do you want to know more about our products?
A3 DTF format printer
A3 DTF format printer

A3 DTF format printer

Regular price RD$ 258,000.00

A3 DTF format printer

Printing Type: DTF Printer
Usage: Label Printer, Card Printer, Bill Printer, Fabric Printer, Heat Transfer Printing
Mechanism type: Automatic
Color and Page: Multicolor
Voltage: 110v/220v
DTF-P 220V/110V; L1390 220v ONLY , request transformer to 110v
Dimensions (length x width x height): 85*42*48
Print Dimension: A3
Ink type: Pigment ink
Main Components: Motor, Pressure Vessel, Gear, Bearing
Colour: clear matte
Model Number: L1390
Temperature and time: 160 degrees Celcuis, 15S

It includes:

Epson A3 L1390
Dried DTF
4 rolls of 30cmx100m
4 kilos of polyamide
1 Kit CMYK
1 Liter of White ink
2 100ml cleaning liquid

Payment options:
20% to start the order, the rest of the equipment cost divided into 20-30%, monthly.

  • *Product brought by Pre-Order
  • *At time of order, all lead time details are confirmed.
  • Indicated price does not include installation or transportation
  • *Times range from 2-6 months to receive the equipment.
  • *After notification of the team's arrival, you have a period of 15-20 days to complete the payment. Otherwise, you must wait for the order to be placed again.

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