Sublimable textile vinyls

Viniles textiles sublimables

In this week's post we are going to share a new material, sublimatable vinyl, this type of material allows us to customize a wide variety of surfaces regardless of color or type of fabric. How do they work?

These types of materials have two application processes, the first option is to print them and the second alternative is to sublimate them.

In the first alternative , what we would do is print our normal image using our sublimation printer, cut off the excess, then remove the protective paper and proceed to print our paper with the image facing up.

The second alternative consists of printing a sublimation sheet in mirror mode with the design, then we will proceed to cut out our figure on the textile vinyl, remove the excess, then proceed to print our paper and finally sublimate it.

What are the papers used?

  • Siser Easy Subli leaves a layer similar to textile vinyl.
  • Sublicotton Dark, leaves a thinner layer than textile vinyl.
  • Subliflock, leaves a velvety finish.

Which option is better? Which one suits me best?

It all depends on you and the finish you want on your clothes.

Do they all apply the same?
Yes, although it depends on the thickness of the paper to be able to insert it into the printer. If it is very thick or the printer cannot print it, you have to work the second alternative.

Here are the links to the different papers:

Emi Group RD

Desde 2017