Sublimable textile vinyl

Vinil textil Sublimable

In this week's topic we will talk about sublimable textile vinyl, this is a type of paper that allows you to sublimate it, giving greater durability to our projects, without the need to use transfer or eco-solvent plotters. For this type of techniques we have the Siser easy subli and Sublicotton Dark .

How do they work?

Sublicotton dark is a type of thermo-adhesive fabric. We must print the image to be sublimated on a special sublimation sheet, then we proceed to print the material on the shirt, to sublimate it.

Now, we will talk about the Siser easy subli :

For the siser easy subli , we have the process of sublimation and printing and cutting, if we want to sublimate the paper we must print our design on a sublimation sheet, then we must print the textile vinyl on the shirt, the recommendation is to iron it at 160 ° C for 10 seconds , then we will sublimate the Siser easy Subli at 180°C for 40 seconds .

In the process of printing and cutting , we must use the software of our cutting plotter , in this we are going to prepare our normal image , not mirror mode with the registration marks. We are going to print the image with sublimation ink on our printer and we are going to print it on our shirt at 160°C for 10 seconds.

Here you have the video link of the process to use the Siser Easy Subli:

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