Textile Vinyl Foil

Vinil textil Foil

To work this type of finish on our textile t-shirts we have several options, ranging from textile vinyl to applying foil through printing. Let's better detail these processes:

In the case of the use of textile vinyl , we must look for a textile vinyl that has a metallic finish, these are normally of the PVC type, so they will require a higher temperature and time to adhere the material.

Another application consists of using siser adhesive and foil , in this process we must cut the siser adhesive in the shape of the design, and then adhere the foil to this area.

And finally, we have the screen printing application , the process is quite similar to siser adhesive and foil, where we must stamp the adhesive paint and then proceed to stamp the foil with our sublimation plate.

These processes have a medium durability, since when carrying out washes the vinyl can break or the foil lose its shine.

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Desde 2017