Tips to work the transfer

Tips para trabajar el transfer

We have dedicated this section to give some tips for working with the transfer , as we already know the transfer consists of adhering the paper to the surface by means of heat , in recent weeks we have talked about a wide variety of transfers, and today we will mention those These are situations that have happened to all of us, what happened to us in this case and how we can remedy it.

  • When the paper sticks on the surface

This situation normally occurs when we are using transfer papers on rigid surfaces, this is normally due to the excess pressure applied on the paper or the temperature was very high. To avoid this we must reduce the temperature or the applied pressure.

  • When the transfer melts into the fabric

This is a very peculiar case, which occurs when we use the transfer paper on a polyester fabric , as the polyester fabric tends to "give" with the heat, and the transfer is like a plastic that is added on top of it, as we pass of temperature or heat, the transfer passes through showing the texture of the tshirt, so it is advisable to reduce the time or temperature normally used. This can happen with textile vinyl.

  • When the transfer loses color

This happens when the ink that we use with the material is not appropriate , so it is recommended that you know the material well before using the transfer to know which inks you can work with. A little tip; With light fabrics you can use sublimation ink, but with dark fabrics we recommend normal ink.

Another situation with the transfer of dark fabric is that when removing the protective paper it remains " stuck " on it, here we must see what protective paper we are using, because sometimes these papers lose their "non-adhesive" ability, which is not allows the transfer to adhere on the surface but on these.

Here we present some of the most common experiences when working with transfer papers, we hope they help you and that you understand that you are not the only one in this case.

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