Types of adhesive vinyl

Tipos de viniles adhesivos

What are the types of vinyl? Normally clients ask us; Is this vinyl good for windows? What is the right one to cover something? Is it for the fridge? Can I cover the mica of my vehicle?

When entering the world of adhesive vinyl, we must understand that they have a wide variety of options, which are adapted according to the type of work that we are going to carry out:

  • floor vinyl
  • wall vinyl
  • Adhesive Printable Vinyl
  • cutting vinyl
  • transparent vinyl
  • Translucent Vinyl
  • Microperforated Vinyl
  • Wrap Vinyl, or vinyl for vehicle lining
  • Reflective Vinyl

What do you need vinyl for?

- Cover an item , for example, a table or some device, in this case the recommendation is cut vinyl , this vinyl comes in opaque default colors (which do not allow the passage of light).

- Cover a window or a glass door , here you have several options, if what you are looking for is privacy, the recommendation is microperforated vinyl or frosted finish , since these have a finish that prevents you from seeing inside.

If you are looking to create a design playing with the space of the window or door, then the recommendation is the transparent ones, these allow the passage of light, and you can see through them.

- Cover the mica of a vehicle : translucent vinyl is useful for this recommendation.

- Wrap a vehicle : we recommend the vinyl wraps . But, does a cut vinyl work? Yes, it could work for you, but the difference is that the Wrap, when in contact with the heat, allows it to deform, making the process of wrapping curved areas of the vehicle easier.

- Security measures, for this you must apply the reflective vinyl , since when it comes into contact with the light the material stands out, many of the signs and signs that we see on the street are made of this vinyl.

- Create a print on the wall , for this process you need a wall vinyl or wallpaper , in some cases these are different from the traditional cut due to their application process.

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