Types of inks for digital textile printing

Tipos de tintas para la impresión digital Textil

This topic of the week is quite important, because here we clarify the different inks that are applied in digital printing, and why a process works for one type of fabric and not for the other.

Acid inks : this type of ink is used to give color to a fabric, it is applied directly on the fabric and due to the colors it reaches, it is normally used for wool and silk, as well as sportswear.

Reactive inks : this is another type of ink, very similar to acid inks, although it can be used on cotton, and it is highly resistant to washing. It is the most common currently used.

Disperse inks : in this case the ink is placed on the fabric, then it is steamed and washed, the steam allows the ink to adhere to the fabric, this type of ink is made on polyester.

Sublimation inks : on this occasion the ink is not applied directly to the fabric, but a medium is used, known as sublimation paper, where the image is printed, then pressure and high temperature are applied, which makes the ink passes into a gaseous state and thus penetrates the tissue. This is one of the cheapest processes, and it is the one that is applied today.

Pigmented inks : this type of ink is the most compatible with a wide variety of materials, so it is used when printing directly or DTG, although this process requires pre-treatment in the case of printing on polyester and other materials. color, as well as a post-treatment to obtain greater durability.

We hope we have oriented you on the inks that are used for digital printing on textiles, so you can decide which is the process that best suits you. Of those mentioned above, the most common are pigmented inks and sublimation inks.

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