Types of silicone mold to work with epoxy resin

Tipos de molde de Silicona para trabajar resina epóxica

In this week's topic we will talk about the different silicone molds to work with our epoxy resin, we will make a classification by the finish and then others focusing on the material.

First we are going to talk about silicone molds , these come in two main types: translucent and opaque.

The translucent molds, are the ones we have seen with a semi-transparent white color, these molds are ideal for working with UV resin, since they allow light to penetrate inside the entire resin. They are also thicker than opaque pans, giving them more durability .

On the other hand, we have the opaque molds, these molds are the ones that are normally used in the kitchen, to make desserts. They also serve us to work with the epoxy resin, taking into account that they are finer than the translucent ones, so they can break.

On the other hand we have the resin molds that we make ourselves.

If you want to see the manufacturing process of the molds you can access here .

Acetate , in this case they are transparent plastic sheets, these molds are ideal for creating straight shapes that are not very complicated, but we must discard them after one use.

Liquid silicone : this is a type of silicone that, like resin, comes in two parts, and is in a liquid state. We must pour the mixture into a container and then place the piece to which we want to create the mold. It is almost similar to a pre-fabricated mold, with the advantage that we choose the shape ourselves.

Window silicone: this option consists of placing window silicone in a container with liquid soap until a malleable mixture is created, then we remove the mixture from the water and proceed to place the piece that we want to create the mold inside the mixture, we give it a few minutes so that it cools and we have a mold made to measure. It can be reused repeatedly.

Here we share some types of molds, so you understand what they are for and you can create your own.

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