Types of sublimation machines

Tipos de Máquinas de sublimación

There are different models of sublimation, depending on the projects that we are going to carry out, we are going to buy the most basic models with which we can start in the world of personalization.

Craft sublimation plates

This type of plates are known as "Craft" they are used for the personalization of materials, with this type of plate we can sublimate and print textile vinyl. The sizes of this type of plate are: 6"x7"/ 9"x9"/ 12"x10".

On the other hand we have the

Heat Press Plates

This type of plates is focused on carrying out customization projects just like the craft ones, but they offer us a more professional finish. They take up more space than craft, which could be a disadvantage if you have limited space.

  • What is the main difference between both models?

The main difference is the issue of pressure, while in the Craft the customization process is completely manual, in the case of plates we can adjust the pressure level which allows us to customize a greater variety of materials with a better finish.

  • Which one should I buy?

This depends on the projects you are going to carry out, if you work with textile vinyl with a small work area, we recommend the craft, but if you want to open up to more options, the iron is the recommendation.

  • Which of the iron models is the most recommended?

It depends on the area of ​​customization that we are going to focus on, we can start with an individual model or with a combo model. If we are going to work on flat surfaces (t-shirts, covers, keyrings) the recommendation is to work with a flat individual surface.

In our catalog you can see a wide variety of iron options, we recommend that you see some models, to know which one would be the most convenient.

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