Sublimation workshops and courses, are they really worth it?

Talleres y Cursos de sublimación, ¿Realmente valen la pena?

At EMI , we periodically carry out sublimation workshops, both basic and advanced, and a question that arises for many clients is: Are they really worth the investment? In a brief summary of what is worked on in these workshops we have:

In the basic workshop we cover:

  • Main sublimation equipment
  • Budget
  • Get Costs
  • Textile sublimation (T-shirt, bag)
  • Sublimation on rigid surfaces (mugs/key rings)

In the advanced we handle:

  • Sublimation on non-sublimatable surfaces, wood
  • Transfer Papers
  • Polyamide
  • Sublimable papers
  • textile vinyl

So EMI, what is the difference between a video and a workshop? In this case, you have the opportunity to carry out practical tests with the different materials and see first-hand the mistakes that can be made.

If I liked some material, can I take it with me? In the workshops we offer sample materials that we use during the workshop so you can practice.

Is there support? Or is it just that day? At the end of the workshops, we include you in a WhatsApp group where you can share all your doubts and questions regarding the materials.

Which one should I start with? These workshops have different approaches, the basic one, as its name indicates, is for you to start with sublimation, until you know the costs, while the advanced one focuses more on the practical part and use of materials.

When are these workshops? We usually do them on Saturday mornings, but we are working to enable other schedules.

If I don't have the equipment or I don't know anything, can I participate? Sure, you just need the desire to learn.

We are waiting for you in the next one!

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