plate sublimation

Sublimación de platos

The theme of the week complementing what was discussed on social networks, the sublimation of dishes . It is one of the products that you can make to complement your line of offers, the sublimated plates is an excellent option to complement the decoration of your events, but we are going to focus on the process to do it.

What should we take into account when sublimating dishes?

  • The material with which we are going to work must be porcelain plates with a polyester coating to adhere the sublimation.
  • You must remember that the sublimation plates for plates allow you to customize the center , if you want to customize the entire plate you must use a 3D sublimation machine .
  • Take into account the type of plate to be sublimated and the size of your resistance , they normally come in 5" and 6" sizes.
  • Remember, just like in the mugs, leave a border around the image, to avoid any damage in the sublimation.

How is the process happens to sublimate them?

  • The first thing we should do is check the pressure of our machine, a very high pressure can break the plate, but a very low pressure can create the ghost effect.
  • Then you must set the temperature and time , we use 180 ° C for 250 seconds, but we recommend that you do tests and see which one you get the best result.
  • Prepare your plate for sublimation by cutting the image according to the desired design and affixing it with thermal tape.
  • Sublimate the plate.
  • When finished, give it a moment to cool down and enjoy the result.

Some recommendations:

  • Always try to leave a margin of error, because sometimes it is a bit difficult to get the full edge of the resistance to sublimate.
  • When sublimating the same as in the mugs, the temperature of your machine will drop, it is normal.

How could I apply it to my business?

As always we tell you ideas that you could do with this your product for your business; You could collaborate with an event organizer company complementing the table decoration.

Another option is the sublimation of small plates with motifs from your province as a souvenir, for example, you launch your designs with motifs from the province of Higüey, and market them as a collectible product.

We hope that this post allows you to continue developing yourself, do not hesitate to go through our social networks to continue learning.

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