Templates to complement my business: Card Envelope

Plantillas para complementar mi negocio: Sobre de Tarjetas

In this post we share templates so you can complement your business, we bring you two ideas. The first is a card envelope so you can make cards with a background. And the second idea is a box so you can make souvenirs for birthdays and parties. To make our card envelope we are going to use.


  • cartonite
  • colored cardstock
  • Liquid silicone
  • ega in bar
  • The dimensions of the complete template are: 28.6cm x 18cm
  • The dimensions of the inner card are: 13.5cm x 17.8cm
  • The dimensions of the colored cardboard are: 13.4cm x 17.35cm


  • Cutting plotter(Silhouette or Cricut)


  1. You must open the template design in your cutting software.
  2. Fix grouping details and dimensions
  3. send to cut , (taking into account the material and the configuration of the system).
  4. Clean the cut.
  • Here we leave you the download link, for Silhouette Studio :


  • Here we leave you the download link, for Cricut Design :
  • And here we show you the video putting it together :


In this folder you will see two templates, the second is a template to make a box. This can be used to place souvenirs or sweets at a party. It is also an option to practice your skills.

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