We review, process and now we act!

Revisamos, procesamos y ahora ¡Actuamos!

In this post this week we want to summarize the topic that we have discussed, and that reflects the attitudes that it is good to take at the beginning of the year, they are not the only ones but it is a way to start the year with new batteries.

If you did the other tasks, which we discussed in our previous posts, you made a summary of the entire year, you evaluated your expenses, your sales and your level of profitability, you already know what situation your business is in. If these numbers are "bad" you don't have to be alarmed , remember that Amazon lasted a long time losing money before being profitable. So calm down , here we will detail some steps to follow after analyzing your situation , they can help you know which steps to follow:

  • Analyze your numbers, what were your income, your expenses or your investments?
  • Understand your numbers , what do your numbers tell you? Increase your sales? Did they stay? Which product is the most profitable? What is the new sales strategy? What is the next step?
  • Create an action plan, since you know your numbers, and you know what your numbers say, then analyze what actions you should take to counteract this situation, this varies depending on your business, but here are some examples:

If you are spending "more", check where this expense is occurring, analyze why, talk to the actors involved and propose solutions, reduce the use of this service, improve efficiency, organize the service and finally, carry out a test in the first month of the year, if changes really show, establish a plan for the entire year, so you will correct what your numbers tell you.

  • Set weekly, monthly, yearly goals . In the end, the growth and development of our business arises from the habits we create and the goals we set for ourselves, so don't just say "in a year I will have sales of RD$10,000,000", but divide that global goal into monthly goals, that is, "every month I must sell RD$840,000" and translate that into weekly goals "Every week I must sell RD$208,500". You've already made these goals "more real," allowing you to create an action plan to achieve them.
  • Finally, TAKE ACTION! , everything you did in the previous steps, what you thought, those plans, it's time to execute them, start contacting clients, start creating, start promoting, ACT!

Don't leave for tomorrow, what you can do today, so START ACTING.

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