gift for mom

Regalo para mamá
In this entry we have a gift for you, it is time to surprise and give something special to those people who go out of their way for us, we prepare these card envelopes and cards with flower dies. We also prepare a small bouquet of flowers.
  • Colored paper
  • cartonite
  • Cardboard
  • Earring stand:
Cut out the template for the earring base.
Make registration marks
fold it
Stick it
  • Bouquet:
Cut the base box.
Assemble and Paste
  • Paper flowers:
Download the templates it would take you 6-8 templates to fill the box.
Cut out the templates using colored paper.
Roll up the flowers.
  • card envelope :
Download the template you are going to use, either the card envelope or the die-cut card.
Place the cut of the flower you want on the cover or customize it.
Cut it with your machine.
Enjoy the result.
  • Cricut DesignSpace:

  • SilhouetteStudio

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