What else can I create with the resin?

¿Qué más puedo crear con la resina?

This versatile and practical material offers us a wide variety of options to create original projects from scratch. Previously we talked about resin . Now the question arises: What can I do with it?

Other options that resin offers us is the encapsulation of pieces and being able to create or complete objects with it. Let's detail it:

Resin encapsulation , due to the condition of the resin we can encapsulate a wide variety of objects preserving them for a long time. How does it work?

1. Create a layer of resin in the mold.

2. Place the piece you want to encapsulate.

3. Let that first layer of resin dry.

4. Place a second layer of resin to complete the piece.

If you want to see the process, access the video tutorial by clicking here .

What else can I do? With the resin you can create pieces or complete. Imagine that you have a deteriorated wooden table or tray, you can complete it using resin.

1. Create the mold with the shape you are going to complete.

2. Make sure to apply a release agent to prevent the resin from getting "stuck"

3. Mix the resin, with the colors and designs you want to implement.

4. Pour the resin in the area you want to complete.

5.Let it dry.

6.Remove the mold

7. Depending on the result, proceed to sand and polish the piece.

8. Apply a layer of resin to give it the final finish.

This process serves us from a small piece to a large one.

If you want to see the process, access the video tutorial by clicking here .

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