What is flocking? Getting velvet finish

¿Qué es el flocado? Obteniendo acabado de terciopelo

What is flock or flocking? They are textile fibers that are applied directly to the surface through an electrostatic process, these fibers adhere to an adhesive-coated surface.

On what surfaces can it be applied? This technique is applied to a wide variety of surfaces, from plastics, textiles, papers, decoration, etc.

Do I need large equipment to start with this technique? No, you can start by working with the filaments, the industrial adhesive and a strainer to apply the material.

How is the finish? It is the one we know as the velvet type.

How does it work in textiles? For textiles we have several options, but the main ones are vinyl textile flock and subliflock.

How do they work? The flock textile vinyl is a cut textile vinyl that is applied to the fabric, we cut it like a traditional vinyl and we print it on our t-shirt. If you want to see the process you can access here .

How does subflock work? This works like the siser easy subli and the sublicotton dark, as its name indicates, is a textile vinyl that can be sublimated. To work it we must:

  • Cut the paper according to the design that we are going to work on
  • Print the mirror image on our sublimation sheet.
  • Stamp the textile vinyl at 160°C for 20 seconds.
  • Sublimate vinyl flock at 180-200°C for 50 seconds.

Which is better? Both are options to work on dark garments, they work in a similar way and leave us with a similar finish on the fabric.

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