What should I keep in mind when working with my Laser?

¿Qué debo de tener en cuenta al trabajar con mi Laser?

This week we will talk about some details that we must take into account to extend the useful life of our laser . This equipment is quite practical and offers us a world of possibilities, but we must give it the proper care to extend its useful life.

What factors should I consider:

  • machine cooling
  • water hose
  • mirror game
  • laser tube
  • design format
  • Temperature of my laser tube

What should I keep in mind:

Water conditions: for the 40w laser, it is important to place a container with distilled water, the water must cover the submersible pump that comes with our equipment, and you must ensure that the water is kept clean. If the water does not have the appropriate conditions, it can damage our tube.

Water hose: this transports the water to our tube, allowing it not to overheat when emitting the lightning, if we do not connect the hose well or some of these are broken, it could affect the tube.

Set of mirrors: if you want to be able to work with your team without problems, you must have a set of mirrors in optimal conditions and of excellent quality, so that they can reflect the laser properly.

Mirror calibration: if the mirrors are not calibrated, the laser may arrive with low pressure or simply not arrive properly to carry out the engraving process.

The temperature of your laser: in this case the cooling system is manual, we must make sure to have the water at a temperature between 16°C-35°C to prevent our tube from overheating and damaging the tube.

Design format, sometimes when making the engraving, we can notice that the machine does nothing. It can be due to several reasons, but one of the main ones is the file format. If we are not working in a format that our machine can understand, then it will not work.

Cutting/engraving configurations, it is important that we have a list of these configurations at hand, since this way we can carry out the work process, without forcing our machine.

CO2 tube, as its name indicates, is the one that is in charge of sending the beam to carry out the process, because we must make sure to be as careful as possible. For this we must take into account the recommendations that we left in the previous publication, but in summary they are:
Water inlet/outlet

Power Supply, as its name indicates, this piece makes sure to send the information received by the machine to the laser tube to carry out the process. We must be careful not to expose this piece to high voltages that could damage it.

Did you like this guide? What recommendations do you think we missed?

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If you want to see the 40w laser working, go here .

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