What should I know to make advertising buttons?

¿Qué debo de saber para hacer botones publicitarios?

Advertising buttons are a branch of products that you can add to your business, since they serve to complement any activity and promotional project that is being carried out. We recommend this area because it is a product that requires a low investment and is very easy to do. But, what should we know about these teams?

The first thing you need to know is the brand of your machine, replacements for some machines are not compatible with other models, so you could limit your options.

Then, you must choose the size of the button you want to make, there are several sizes but they are around 1" = 2.25cm, 2.25" = 58mm and 3" = 76.2mm. After we have these two clear aspects, we only need the printer .

Are there any requirements on the printer to use ? No, you can use from an hp that you have at home to a Konica, so there are no limitations, where the design is usually printed on bond paper.

How is the button made? The buttons have a base (plastic or metal), a metal cover and a protective plastic, to which we must add our printed design. The order of the button is: Protective Plastic, printed image, cap, base.

After clarifying how the button machine works and what you should consider when buying yours. We hope you are motivated to add this area to your business.

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