Key points when sublimating

You already have your equipment and did your first jobs, now, what is the next step ?, well... Work a lot , at this moment you have to learn all the pros and cons of sublimation and those details that are learned in practice.
Puntos claves a la hora de sublimar
Ready, you already have your machine, you already have your assistant or person in charge of the sublimation area and they started working. Which is the next step ?, well... Work a lot , at this moment you have to learn all the pros and cons of sublimation and those details that are learned in practice. But as we always want to help and contribute with that part, we will give you what we understand to be the 4 main details or factors What should you take into account when sublimation .
  • The material : just as you read it, you should always make sure that you are working with the correct materials when starting sublimation, with this we want to clarify, sublimation consists of transferring an ink onto a plastic surface, mainly polyester, for this reason, it is It is very important that your materials are suitable for sublimation, because otherwise, you will not obtain any appropriate result, how? Designs that will not be permanent, opaque finishes or simply not pass the sublimation.
  • The temperature : I understand that this part may sound confusing, because in the previous blog we already presented the temperatures that we recommended for the different materials, but you must bear in mind that these may vary according to the equipment and the user. That is, they will tell you many temperatures, you must take the one that is best for you, and you will achieve this through practice. If a design suits you very clear , or the colors are not appreciated enough, it is the temperature which is not appropriate. BUT WATCH OUT a temperature too high you can damage the material and burn it.

    This is an example of a mug that was ironed and didn't get the best result, this is because the temperature was too low and it couldn't pass the design properly.

    • The third factor to take into account is the pressure : if you are not giving the material the appropriate pressure, it will not be able to carry out the transfer process and, like the previous case, it will be super clear, and you will notice how the design looks on the paper, so, always pay attention to the pressure, how to measure it?, that you must make a level of effort when closing your equipment but not too much that you can break the piece. In the case of transfer paper, if it does not have the appropriate pressure, at the end of the drawing it will be removed, this happens the same with textile vinyl.
    • And the last, but not least, is the time : if you exceed it, as with the temperatures, you can burn the result, and you give it too little, the transfer may not be complete or the result may not adhere.
    This entry was just a small tip, so you can continue managing your business and making it grow. Today we want to leave you with this little phrase, " The key to success lies in decisions", and we hope that you will keep making decisions and preparing for the next step.

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