Questions about sublimation

Preguntas sobre la sublimación

In this post we seek to leave you a space for you to share your doubts and questions about the sublimation process, here we are going to share some of the most common ones that have been made to us.

  • Can I sublimate any material if it is plastic?

No, although to sublimate a material it must have a polyester coating if you try to personalize any plastic material and expose it to too much heat you could burn it and deform it. So it is important to know what material you want to customize.

  • Are the colored tshirts personalised?

Yes, if the tshirt has at least 30% polyester it can be sublimated, what happens is that the background color will affect the design. So it is important that if you are going to work a tshirt of some color that the design you use is black.

  • Are the colored mugs personalized?

Yes, these are made to sublimate yes, but it happens the same as with tshirts and the color of the mug can affect the design, so we must keep this in mind.

  • How did you transform a "normal" surface into a "sublimable" one?

For this you need some kind of liquid plastic, which can be placed on the surface and dry on it, as in the case of wood, cardboard, etc. There are many options on the market, but this does not guarantee a 100% result.

  • Why do I have marks when I sublimate?

You must take into account what kind of marks, in polyester shirts when sublimating the edge of the paper is marked, this is normal , an option could be to reduce the pressure or tear the edges of the paper.

In the case of cups, it could be that the thermal tape used is not of good quality.

  • Why do I have spots left when we upload?

If these stains have a yellowish tone, it is that you are burning the surface that you are sublimating.

We hope we have clarified your doubts, if you have more you can leave them in the comments section to discuss them and be able to answer them.

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