What differentiates a more "White" cup from another?

¿Qué diferencia una taza más

Sometimes we have clients who tell us that they want a "really white" cup, or on other occasions "the cup broke from holding it", these are comments that we hear but sometimes we do not pay enough attention to them, these refer to the level of quality of the mug that we are using to make our designs.

Quality level? When you buy a cup you can pay attention to cable points ; the upper and lower edges, the junction of the strap with the rest of the body, the inside of the strap, etc. Depending on the condition of these areas will be the quality of your cup.

But does this really matter? Yes, a low quality mug means that it is not microwave resistant , if for some reason you have to double iron the mug it may lose color in the original image , it can be easily broken , which will affect your work and reputation.

Now, what are the grades of quality of the cups:

Grade AAA This is the highest grade of quality in the cups, you can see it even in the color, they are whiter, they resist microwaves and they come with an almost zero margin of error, which ensures great durability and quality in your work. .

Grade AA or AB , is the second grade in the quality level of mugs, like grade AAA , they are microwave resistant and come with a low margin of error, but these have a "cream" tone, and may have imperfections . Likewise, they assure you of a good quality in your work.

Grade A or D , it is the cheapest model and one of the lowest in terms of quality, they can present a high margin of error, and they are quite fragile, that is, they can break easily, they are not resistant to microwaves .

Now that you know the quality levels of the cups, you can choose what quality you want to offer your customers, always taking into account the value of your work and the quality .

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