Cement pieces, decorate your projects

Piezas de cemento, decora tus proyectos

In today's post we share this new idea to personalize your projects, and using cement pieces, this product is excellent for decorating our home, or creating personalized pieces for our clients. And we can use the material with the same molds that we already have at home.

The process for working the cement is as follows:

1. You must mix powdered cement and water in a container, there is no exact proportion, but you must do it until the mixture is "creamy".

2. Prepare the container to work it;

  • If it is a silicone mold, it does not require an extra process
  • If you are using plastic pieces that you have at home that can break, it does not require an extra process.
  • If you are going to work with plastic molds, you must prepare them using cement release agent, if it is liquid or powder, you must cover the container well with this material.

3. Pour the mixture into the container.

4. If you want to make a flower pot or some decorative piece that requires internal space , place a smaller container inside the mixture, and press down on it.

5. Let dry. The drying time depends on the mixture, the more watery the longer it will take.

6. Take the piece out of the mold.

7. Proceed to give the desired finish, this material can be sanded, painted, etc.

The advantages of this material is its accessibility, we can buy it at any hardware store, with a price ranging from $28 for a 4lb bag. Easy to mix and use. We can work any way we can think of with our materials at home.

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