Customizing Non-Sublimable Materials Roller Heat Press

Personalizando Materiales no sublimables Roller Heat Press

Some time ago we shared some techniques known as "Hard Surface" papers, which allow us to work non-sublimation surfaces, using our sublimation equipment.

But what happens when these materials do not resist enough heat?

In that case, one of the new equipment on the market is the Roller Heat Press , which allows us to customize these materials,

How does it work?

The plate has two rollers, one at the base where the material to be customized is introduced and another at the top which is heated, this allows the "glass" to receive the necessary heat to receive the image, without burning.

What material do you work with?

Hard surface papers are used, therefore this process is not sublimation as such, but a transfer for rigid surfaces .

What results can we get?

It is transfer, which makes it a removable material, although it is not so simple because it is adhered to the surface, now it depends on the type of transfer used, it can leave residue on the edge or be completely transparent.

We hope that this introduction to this new team will help you learn new techniques and ideas to expand your business.

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