Customizing textile tape

Personalizando cinta textiles

Sometimes we see in events and occasions, gifts or promotional items that have a fabric ribbon, and we think "Wow, it would be an excellent idea to add to our personalization business", How can we personalize this material? What is it made of?

In one of our previous posts we told you about the fabrics that you can sublimate due to the manufacturing material they have, which opens a window of options for us. Textile decorative tapes are mostly made of synthetic fibers , which opens a door for us to customize it with our equipment. Keeping in mind that the same rules apply for sublimation that we have already discussed.

Well, then what processes do I have as an alternative to customize this material:

  • The initial option is sublimation , you can apply sublimation using your t-shirt iron, you can do it for finished lanyards or ribbons. And if you are interested in customizing a complete roll, you can do so by creating adaptations on the sides that allow you to wrap the tape and sublimate it in parts.
  • Another option you have is the Brother PTouch which has pre-programmed cartridges , which have a ribbon and print color of the letter, in this we configure the design through the machine and it does the printing.
  • Rotary printing , which consists of a set of cylinders that rotate to impregnate the ink on the material, this process is also used for printing labels, etc. Since it allows you to customize flexible materials.
  • Finally and one of the most common is thermal printing , in this case we must load our printer with a roll of foil (material that reacts to heat), along with the ribbon, and proceed to do the printing process, the head Internal of the machine is responsible for giving the appropriate heat to adhere the foil on the tape.

What should we take into account? These processes vary depending on the equipment we have at hand, the most similar are thermal printing and the Brother PTouch , only that the Brother PTouch is useful for smaller jobs.

The sublimation process, as we know, is the most durable and has the advantage that it allows us to make a design on the tape, since it comes in white.

We share the video about the sublimation process in these tapes, so you can see how it is.

Our recommendations in this process are:

  • Adjust the tape well to prevent it from moving, if it is possible to adhere it.
  • Create a pattern taking into account the measurement of the base of your iron.
  • Take into account the color of the background of the ribbon when customizing it.

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