Customization of paper bags

Personalización de bolsas de papel

In today's post we bring you the answer to a personalization technique that we have been commenting on, and it is: How do I personalize paper bags?

These depend on the material, size and thickness they have, but we will mention the main processes that you can apply with the materials you have.

Screen printing , this time you need a frame, mesh, the template of your design (either cured or using adhesive vinyl), and water-based screen printing ink.

For the process we prepare our frame with the mesh, and proceed to place our design. For the process of applying the ink is the same used in normal screen printing. The advantage of this process is that we are not presented with limitations in the bags, the disadvantage is that we are limited to working our designs by color.

Sublimation , this time you need a sublimation plate, sublimation ink, and sublispray or some liquid polymer (optional).

You can sublimate the bags directly without applying the liquid polymer with the normal sublimation process, applying a temperature of 190°C for 120 seconds. It is important that you take into account the pressure as this could burn the bag. The disadvantage of this process is that the colors are not as vivid.

In the case of liquid polymer , you must reduce the time to 60 seconds, in this case the result is the brightest colors, but the polymer could leave marks on the material.

Direct printing , if the bags are small in size, we can print them directly with our inkjet printers, which gives us a better finish and sharper colors. The main disadvantage is that it is water-based ink, that is, if it is immersed in water, the ink can run.

Stamps, finally we have the most practical option, and that is to create stamps with your logo, phrase, etc. and apply them directly to the bags. This process is more manual, but you have freedom in the process and the use of colors.

We hope that these ideas will help you customize your packaging for your projects, so you can give them a more personalized touch.

If you want to see the sublimation process access our YouTube channel:

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